Performance Package - Two

What's Included:

  • (25) Seats at a “Onsite” Thought Patterns for High Performance® 3.0 Workshop
  • (1) Full Organizational Cultural Assessment
  • (4) Seat at our Open Maximize Leadership Performance Process​



Turning the challenge of change in to the competitive advantage that is what this performance package does. A competitive advantage is to create an organization that is adaptable to change, with a want to, love to attitude. This Performance Package is designed for business looking to accelerate and expand your personal and organizational performance,This package has three solutions our education, our assessment and our coaching. We would start with a full cultural assessment of your organizational, identifying both your current and your ideal cultures. We you provide you seats for you team at our effective Thought Patterns For High Performance® workshop. Lastly, we would provide you and your senior leadership team with a very critical Leadership Performance package, which include a leadership assessment, a leadership workshop and leadership coaching.


​(25) Seats at a two day onsite Thought Patterns for High Performance 3.0® educational workshop.

Thought Patterns for High Performance 3.0® engages individuals professionally and personally, sharing well –researched patterns of thought of high performance people. Fifteen brief video segments, presented by internationally respected educator and author Lou Tice, focus on the power of self-efficacy – the belief in one’s ability to create and sustain internal success.

After just tow days this live facilitated video curriculum will give you and your staff members the most powerful tools they will ever need: the ability to sustainably change the way they think, the ability to eliminate the stress of change, and the ability to self regulate at a ever higher level of excellence.



​(1) Full Organizational Cultural Assessment Report and Debrief day.

To improve performance both individually, and organizationally, an assessment that focuses on the culture of the organization and the behaviors that are implicitly expected will provide leadership with change options instead of opinions. By understanding the ways in which people are responding, to the ways they are expected to think, act and behave, as well as understanding their role in the culture, leadership can implement changes that will lead to improved productivity. In short, they will find the tools necessary for people to “check their baggage” permanently.

The assessment is a quantitative human performance measurement tool. It assesses the effectiveness of people and the systems they create. This conceptual model arranges variables in a circular assessment pattern based on their similarities. It brings together twelve styles of thinking, behaving and interacting and clusters them into three general orientations: Constructive, Aggressive/Defensive and Passive Defensive.



​(4) Seats at an Open Maximizing Leadership Performance Process

Maximize Leaders Performance is a three part process made of leadership assessment, education and coaching. The process enables leaders to truly look at their leadership impact in contrast to their intentions. Creating a clear awareness of your respective leadership styles a to work through a leadership workshop which will be educational and actionable. The whole process is supported with one- on- one leadership coaching targeted at measurably improving your leadership alignment impact and performance.