HeadCoach®The Pacific Institute’s® newest education was Lou Tice’s last project. We feel HeadCoach® is one of our most powerful transformational individual and leadership curricula.

The Coach’s Coach

With a body of work extending over 40 years, Lou Tice has become “the Coach’s Coach” to generations of organizational leaders from around the world. Providing an easily understood translation of decades of research from the worlds of cognitive psychology and social learning theory, Lou teaches the effective tools to success and achievement in a straightforward manner, allowing for quick assimilation and implementation by the end user.You are more than a Leader. You are The Coach. Whether a formal or informal leader in your organization, it’s all about performance. You’ve trained for it; spent years studying, amassing the experience that has put you in a position to use your skills. However, if you are like most leaders, you constantly ask yourself, “Am I an effective leader? Am I doing enough to coach my teams?” And ultimately, “How can I be more?” You need to become your own “head” coach, as well as “Head Coach” to those with whom you work. And it doesn’t need to be an overwhelming, intimidating experience – not when you own the fundamental principles of The Pacific Institute HeadCoach®.

How does it work?

HeadCoach® engages individuals professionally and personally, providing a new perspective to both their jobs and their lives, specifically allowing them to:
  • manage and effect significant change
  • Change behaviors
  • Release untapped potential
  • Empower self and others
  • Take accountability
  • Consistently set and achieve challenging goals
  • Motivate oneself over a sustained period
  • Flourish in new environments
  • develop leadership and communication skills
  • move from individual to team thinking and team development

What can you expect

After participating in the program, individuals have greater expectations of success and higher self-efficacy. After an implementation, The Pacific Institute clients see:

  • higher levels of motivation
  • more commitment to organizational goals
  • measurable improvements against targets
  • increased accountability at all levels
  • better team functioning
  • improved problem solving and innovation.