Investment in Excellence®

​The Pacific Institute® believes that people are the cornerstone of organizational success, and Investment in Excellence® develops this most valuable asset. It is a powerful development experience that enables individuals and organizations to achieve much more of their potential by changing their perception of what is possible, and then providing the skills, knowledge and application to cause a change in what they actually accomplish.

How does it work?

Investment in Excellence® engages individuals professionally and personally, providing a new perspective to both their jobs and their lives, specifically allowing them to:
  • Manage and effect significant change
  • Change behaviors
  • Release untapped potential
  • Empower self and others
  • Take accountability
  • Consistently set and achieve challenging goals
  • Motivate oneself over a sustained period
  • Flourish in new environments
  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Move from individual to team thinking and team development

What can you expect After participating in the program?

Individuals have greater expectations of success and higher self-efficacy. After an implementation, The Pacific Institute® clients see:

  • higher levels of motivation
  • more commitment to organizational goals
  • measurable improvements against targets
  • increased accountability at all levels
  • better team functioning
  • improved problem-solving and innovation.

(Evaluation data completed by participants indicates a 90% recommendation response to the program.) Investment in Excellence® is normally a four-to-five-day process, with a Phase One (two-three days) and, after one month, a Phase Two (two days). While Phase One is focused on personal transformation skills, the project team designs the Phase Two to fit the precise organizational needs. The content is delivered by a qualified facilitator using short video bursts, group activity, discussion and personal reflection.