The Wise Group - {subtitle}


Transforming the culture of a social enterprise in Scotland through work with its leaders, staff and its client groups.


The Wise Group works with a diverse range of clients, with the aim of getting people back into employment. As a social enterprise, the organisation operates on a commercial basis. The challenge in this instance, therefore, was one of blending the culture-change model for organisations with the individual solutions for the enterprise’s client groups.


  • Cultural Alignment model with Investment in Excellence® or STEPS® for leaders and front-line staff.
  • Leadership Alignment with managers.
  • STEPS® rolled out with clients as part of an employability initiative.


  • Culture champions have been created within The Wise Group to continue delivering the solutions to staff and with clients.
  • 65% of staff completed STEPS® by 2011.
  • The programs have led to renewed energy within the organisation and evidence of an embedding of the concepts and ethos.
  • Organisational goals and the operations plan have been written using affirmation-style language.
  • The staff development appraisal system has been significantly influenced by the Cultural Alignment focus on behaviors.