An overview of the work being done by The Pacific Institute® with individuals and organizations.

Our Beliefs:

  • We believe every person and every organization has unrealized potential within them.
  • We believe our own thinking is a major barrier to performance that limits us from maximizing this potential.
  • We believe The Pacific Institute® is world class at enabling transformation of this potential into real performance.
  • We believe The Pacific Institute® has a proven ability to translate complex cognitive science to increase knowledge for our clients. Our processes enable application so individuals or organizations can achieve real results.

What we do

The Pacific Institute® believes that everyone has tremendous potential, but most of us do not achieve all we are capable of. Using the principles from cognitive psychology, we have created programs and processes that develop, support and, most importantly, equip individuals and organizations to enable them to transform this potential into actual performance.

Diagnostics and Assessments

Working with individuals

The Pacific Institute®’s programs enable individuals to grow personally and professionally through changing their attitudes and behaviours, and raising aspiration, motivation and efficacy. As a result, we see a significant positive impact on a wide range of individuals — chief executives, public and private sector leaders, young people, parents, athletes and even the long-term unemployed.

Facilitated Interactive Sessions

Working with organizations

The Pacific Institute® works across a number of sectors: business, education, health, government, community, youth and sports. We measure current and ideal culture, inspiring a compelling agenda for change. When our solutions are applied to leadership and a critical mass of staff at all levels in an organization, the impact is profound, causing significant improvements in performance.

Our solutions are effective at four levels within the organization.

Train the Trainer

Personal Effectiveness

  • Builds positive attitudes, habits and expectations
  • Develops effective thinking skills and aspirations
  • Equips participants with tools to make sustainable change
  • Generates motivation, efficacy and optimism
Train the Trainer

Leadership Effectiveness

  • Measures leadership behaviour
  • Determines strategies for constructive leadership
  • Incorporates an evidence-based approach to benchmark the leaders’ impact on culture
  • Provides leadership coaching
Train the Trainer

Team Effectiveness

  • Powerful metrics and processes diagnose the current reality and the vision of the team’s culture
  • Provides a focused process for change towards a constructive, achievement-oriented culture
  • Leads to achieving measurable results
Train the Trainer

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Powerful metrics and processes diagnose the current reality and the vision of an organization’s culture
  • Supplies a focused process for change towards a constructive, achievement-orientated culture
  • Leads to achieving measurable results