Increase Performance

​We have found that there are natural barriers to performance, whether it is a student, athlete or leader within an organization. Performance management typically focuses on changing the outside versus the inside, so business leaders, teachers and coaches have become conditioned to working on the extrinsic (outside environment) rather than the intrinsic (individual attitude). This theory limits individual performance by changing the environment without changing thinking. It also explains why two people behave differently even when working in the same environment.At The Pacific Institute®, we help people understand the natural barriers of habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations (HABE) to enable them to reach their full potential. Just for fun, cross your arms over your chest. Now cross your arms the other way, with the arm normally on the bottom on the top. Did you have to stop and think? This example shows how we habitualize something as simple as arm crossing. We tend to habitualize things so deeply that we can do them without … thinking. It is no different when an organization tries to implement or improve a process. If the new way is different than the way your staff have habitualized the process, it means they now have to think. Many resist because thinking is an extra effort. We have a proven track record of helping corporations, educational institutions, teams, countries and organizations embrace change and increase their performance, both individually and collectively.



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Sport Specific: We have a tailored sports curriculum that helps athletes, teams and organizations transform their potential into performance. Athletes develop mental fitness, unleash the power of forethought and visualization, actualize bigger goals, and develop the mindset of a champion, both on and off the playing field. Our program not only benefits athletes in sport, but at school, and work, both personally and socially, helping them become their best self and reach their full potential. We’ve worked with some of the best, including over 45 Gold Medal Olympians, the US National Swim Team, University of Alabama Football Team, Chinese Olympic Gymnastics and Springboard Diving Teams and Two-Time LPGA Winner and Major Champion, Anna Nordqvist. Let us help you take your team, be it in sport, education or business, to an unprecedented level of performance.