Transforming Organizational Culture in both Private & Public Sectors

Transform Organizational Culture​

Culture is an unwritten code of shared values. When we speak of culture at The Pacific Institute®, we mean the unwritten code of shared values that determines which behaviours and activities are expected and reinforced in an organization.

We define culture as an intense, invisible form whose purpose is to perpetuate itself.

Creating your unique, desirable culture is crucial because it impacts:

  • individual performance
  • team performance
  • business success… culture drives performance

Our beliefs about culture are substantiated in John Kotter and James Heskett’s landmark book, Corporate Culture and Performance, where they published a longitudinal study on the effect of culture on organizational performance, presenting their study findings of 207 companies over an 11-year period. They evaluated each company at the beginning of the study to determine whether it had an adaptive or unadaptive culture. They then correlated each company’s culture to its actual performance. Here is the summary of the amazing results:

This table presents the growth in select organizations from 1977 – 1988 from Corporate Culture and Performance
Copyright © 1992 John Kotter and James Heskett, Free Press

For the past 40 years, we have helped clients create adaptive cultures by building greater workforce capacity and developing inclusive leadership.

Culture Does Matter!

We help you create an adaptive culture so you can lift performance. With rapid changes in market conditions, it is imperative to have empowered individuals with a set of shared values or a defined culture, to drive innovation and results. An adaptive culture allows an organization to sustain and grow in times of economic change. Using our methodology, we can help you help lift individual performance through the realignment of individual and team goals. See how we can help you identify the gaps between reality and your desired vision.

  • We understand culture and its nature, its impact on performance and how to change it in a positive and sustainable way.
  • We work in partnership with organizations and have had continued success in enhancing the culture within organizations across a whole range of industries.
  • We can help you build a constructive culture that helps make a positive impact to improve crucial outcomes. We show you how your organization, by changing your culture, can deliver and sustain outstanding results.
  • We work in partnership with you to co-design initiatives that assist you and your senior management to improve the perceptions that employees have about performance.
  • We help you create and sustain a culture of resilience to help manage issues of change, reduce ‘silo thinking’ and encourage collaboration.
  • All too often in times of organizational change, employees resist the ‘state of play’. Overcoming these barriers, reducing ‘silo thinking’ and fostering closer working relationships can be a challenge.
  • We work with your senior executives to help them share the corporate direction and lead cultural change across the organization.