Helping teams reach goals previously limited not by their physical ability but by how they mentally approach their game.


The Pacific Institute® has a long history of working with high-performance athletes, teams and coaches, at amateur and professional levels, to develop the ability to focus and manage their minds, both on and off the playing field. The Pacific Institute® is an organisation that drives individual growth and improves team performance by changing habits, attitudes, beliefs and expectations that inhibit and often block high-performance results. As you prepare your teams for next season and look to move ahead of your competition, the education delivered through The Pacific Institute®‘s programs will complement your training and allow your athletes to reach goals that were previously limited — not by their physical ability but by how they mentally approached their game.

What we offer

  • Athletes will gain the mental skills to perform at levels far beyond previous expectations.
  • Athletes will use the skills of thought and analysis in setting and accomplishing goals.
  • Athletes will recognize their unrealized potential by getting to the root cause of under-functioning.
  • Athletes will come away with heightened self-confidence, increased self-motivation and be more goal and end-results oriented.
  • Athletes will have increased accountability in all aspects of their lives.
  • Teams will develop a sustainable culture of excellence.