We work with healthcare providers and as part of personal well-being solutions.


Leaders in the health sector have long adopted a very corporate approach to how they run their divisions, departments or facilities. They want their enterprises to be ambitious and goal-oriented, with teams aligned to the purpose and values they embody, and having the resilience to overcome setbacks. The Pacific InstituteĀ® is perfectly placed to assist and enable them to do this.

What we offer:

  • Processes for transforming organisational culture and leadership as well as improving team efficacy.
  • Solutions for patient well-being that complement treatment, concentrating on attitudes, habits, behaviour, self-esteem, optimism, goal setting and aspirations.
  • Mechanisms to implement change in the habits, attitudes, behaviours and beliefs of individuals.
  • Facilitator training that enables organizations to deliver programs beyond The Pacific Insituteā€™s involvement to aid integration and sustainability.