Increasing the risk taking, resiliency, and self-efficacy of young people in schools and communities.

Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship

Four out of 10 young people desire to be their own boss (source: Kauffman Foundation), but only 5% will actually do it. So what happens to those 35% of young people who have the “entrepreneurial dream,” but never end up doing it? The answer, of course, has to include things like: “They discovered it wasn’t for them”, or “They found a career that paid well”, or “They just weren’t truly passionate about it.” But at the end of the day, there are just a plethora of barriers to entrepreneurship—not enough skills, perceived low access to finances, little knowledge of how to lead a team, difficulty with closing sales, too many competitors, etc. It could be said that people who end up as entrepreneurs are just different than those who don’t. But are they born this way? Or did they assimilate attitudes, beliefs, expectations, and habits over their lifetimes that somehow accumulated and contributed to their entrepreneurial zest? At The Pacific Institute, we suggest it’s the latter. Leadership is very similar. It is about sticking your neck out when others might not, standing up for what you believe in to make your community better, and influencing those around you to accept change or join your cause. All in all, leadership is hard. To foster leadership in young people is essential.

What we offer

  • Work with entrepreneurship programs to provide preliminary curriculum to increase the success rate of participants.
  • Deliver curriculum through university and college business schools to increase the risk taking, resiliency, and self-efficacy of students.
  • Work with community groups, youth groups, and other non-profits to deliver community outreach programs to generate self-sufficient youth and young adults.